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Distinctly Regency:
If you are like most people, you’ll choose to buy a vehicle for three reasons.  You like it, you think the price is fair and you think you can trust the people you are buying it from.

The Regency Auto Group has been built on that premise.  Our dealerships sell brands that have proven themselves over the years.  We sell them at prices that leave everyone feeling respected.  And lastly, we hire the people that we would like to do business with. 

It seems to work.  Our customers like the way we treat them, they come back and we continue to grow.  So does our reputation for selling good vehicles backed by excellent service.

The Regency Auto Group's goal is to provide each individual with a highly personal automotive shopping and servicing experience.

The Regency Auto Group strives to provide every individual with personal attention and care... Like a guest in our home!

- Live up to our commitment
- Take pride in what we do
- Treat all our guests as individuals
- Communicate fairly, openly and honestly
- Your satisfaction is our success!

About Regency Auto Group:
If not for the fall of Northshore Datsun in 1982, the Regency Auto Group may not have ever come into existence. In fact, it was the acquisition, transformation, and eventual success of Northshore Nissan that fueled the desire to create the eventual Regency Auto Group through expansion opportunities. In 1983, the first dealership was acquired with a total of seventeen employees and after just one year, Northshore Nissan won the Nissan Award of Merit. In 1985, just two years after the change in management, Northshore Nissan claimed top honors in volume sales for the Pacific Region.
In 1985, a second franchise was offered; this time however, it was a Chrysler dealership. Located just across the road from Nissan, Jubilee Plymouth Chrysler was established. The following year, in 1986, Mazda Canada contacted the owner of the Company and Northshore Mazda was born. The dealership hurdled to 133 percent of its target sales by 1988. The Group doubled in size when the Bill Docksteader Group was sold to Regency Auto Group bringing Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and a Used Car Dealership on Kingsway into the family.
1990 brought two major additions into the Auto Group, Infiniti on the Northshore and Lexus on Kingsway. These new luxury divisions, stemming from Nissan (Infiniti) and Toyota (Lexus), helped bring Regency Auto Group a new status in the Automotive Industry.
The first dealership that strayed from the two major areas of business - Kingsway and Marine Dr., North Vancouver - came into possession of the Auto Group in 1991: University Toyota in Burnaby was welcomed into the family. And, October 1994 marked the month that Pontiac-Buick-Cadillac franchise was added. The growth of the Auto Group has slowed since 1994 and, as a result of organizational changes in 2004, the Regency Auto Group has focused on their commitment to customer satisfaction. Thus the creation of the motto: "WE WANT TO SELL YOU A CAR FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE".
In recent years Regency Auto Group has regenerated its Brand with Regency Lexus, Regency Toyota, Regency Nissan and Regency Infiniti and now Regency Volkswagen and introduced a new image to the Vancouver Lower Mainland as the place with "the Best Brands, the Best People." The members of the Regency Auto Group take pride in the establishment's history and continuing efforts to commit to serving the Greater Vancouver Area at the highest and most professional manner.
Regency Auto Group is always looking for dedicated professionals. If you are interested in a position at any of our locations, please apply in person or send your resume to: employment@regencyauto.com

-Regency Infiniti (North Vancouver)
-Regency Nissan (North Vancouver)
-Regency Lexus (Vancouver)
-Regency Toyota (Vancouver)
-Regency Scion (Vancouver) coming soon